Friday, January 31, 2014

Sweet Valentine's Day Treats

Hey everyone! :) All throughout my life, I have always enjoyed holidays. Being that each holiday makes a fleeting appearance once per year, I like to make the most of them, taking part in a variety of activities... This includes arts/crafts, home decorating (even trees & tablescapes!), themed movies, shopping, and gift giving.

However, one of my very favorite aspects of any given holiday is the food :] Holidays aside, we all know how much fun food can be. When scrumptious goodies and decadent treats get a festive little makeover, it only makes them that much more amazing! ;) Please join me as I share some of my loveliest finds in Valentine's Day themed foods <3<3<3

conversation heart ice cream cakes
orange, pink, or yellow
all with rainbow sprinkles!
Baskin Robbins

gourmet popcorn tin
3 different popcorn flavors (you get to choose!)
2 gallons of popcorn
adorable pink pin

*side note: they make delicious caramel apples, as well!

frosted chocolate chip cookie cakes
heart or round
customizable messages
Mrs. Fields

assorted donuts
Krispy Kreme

a variety of chocolates & candy!
pictured are my 3 faves...
See's Candies

Thank you so much for reading!



CreatewithTlc said...

What a yummy post~! Fun idea...and I can't wait to snag those Krispy Kremes~!

Lisa Lynn said...

Just a little extra insulin for us, hehe. Great pics.

Anonymous said...

All are lovely treats for Valentine,
The ice-cream cakes would be my first choice,
Love Christine in Italy xx

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