Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Super Playboy" Fragrance Reviews - Perfume for Her & Cologne for Him

Hello ladies. I have a rather exciting fragrance review to share! I'm reviewing two new fragrances: "Super Playboy" female eau de toilette and "Super Playboy" male eau de toilette. Now, there's two major firsts going on here for me/my blog. Not only have I never even tried a Playboy fragrance of any kind before, I've also never reviewed a men's product. Pretty exciting, right? Well, I certainly think so :)

Starting with the perfume for her, let's touch on the packaging first. I display my perfumes in my dresser, so there's a certain image to uphold... I'm picky when it comes to perfume bottles, and it's a good thing I think this one is adorable! ;) I love the black bunny ears, hot pink bowtie cap. The bottle is almost like an oval teardrop shape. It's clear glass, but the perfume itself is bright pink. The box it comes in is black and pink with the iconic bunny.

When you first apply the perfume, a rush of sweet orange comes through. I wouldn't say it's citrusy or tropical, on the contrary, much richer and berry-like. As it settles down on the skin, it gets a bit softer and reminiscent of mixed florals. The longer I wore it, I noticed it got muskier and smoother in attitude, how many base fragrance phases tend to act. I think what's nice about this fragrance is that it even at its last phase, it maintains the original sweetness you're introduced with.

Overall, I would classify (female) Super Playboy as a flirty, fruity fragrance ideal for daytime wear. It reminds me of two other perfumes I have, "Red Delicious" by DKNY and "Tuscan Blood Orange" by Pacifica. If you're a fan of either of those like I am, it's a pretty safe bet you'll like Super Playboy ;) The only downfall is that it doesn't stay strong on the skin. If you want a stronger throw, you'll have to apply at least 3 or 4 sprays of perfume. I sprayed two, one on each wrist, for this review.

The cologne bottle is square with a blue band around the center. There's a city-scape image with buildings and lights, along with the bunny in the corner. Clear glass bottle, light blue cologne. The box is the same shade of vibrant blue as the bottle image.

In order to get a true read on the cologne, I recruited my brother and had him wear it for a day :) According to him, this cologne is a new favorite! Being a fan of Axe and Old Spice, he's accustomed to heavier, more "in your face" products. However, while this is more on the feminine side than what he tends to go for, he enjoys the sweetness of the fragrance. He put it on at noon, and said that it lasted up until dinner (about 6:45). It seems as though the cologne has a stronger staying power than the perfume.

Having smelled it myself, I agree with my brother! It's more pleasing and less harsh than a lot of other colognes I've smelled before. I see how it matches back to the fruitiness of the female version. It has a spicy kick to it that I really like. I can sense at least a couple of different spice notes, which makes for an invigorating and lively cologne. I absolutely recommend it for boyfriends and husbands.

The perfume retails for $16.95 / 1.7 ounces and the cologne for $15.95 / 1.7 ounces. I think the prices of these are really on point and well-worth it. The fact that you get over an ounce of product for less than a 20 dollar bill is awesome. With gift-giving season not so far off, I can definitely see people purchasing these for their loved ones. They'd be perfect stocking stuffers!

Do you own any of the Playboy fragrances? Thanks so much for reading.


These fragrances were sent to me to review on my blog. I was not paid to review them. As always, all opinions within my reviews are honest and genuine.


Anonymous said...

Cute bottles,
Love seeing your posts
From Christine in Italy xx

Anonymous said...

Great review for them.
Will have to go sample it.

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