Monday, March 7, 2011

NYC "Ultra Moist Lipwear" Swatches & Review

"Marvelous Mouth Monday"

Hello peoples... Time for something to make your pout look just marvelous, darling! ;) Today's review is on the lipsticks called "Ultra Moist Lipwear", and they're made by the drugstore brand "NYC" (or New York Color). Their products are incredibly affordable. These lipsticks cost a mere...wait for it...$1 each!!! Now, after hearing a price like that, you must be wondering about the quality... Ladies, that's what I'm here for! :)

NYC actually claims these lipsticks of theirs are comparable to MAC lipsticks. MAC really isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I use these, but that's not to say the quality isn't still wonderful. I really do enjoy the application, feel, wear, and overall look.

This lipstick comes in a total of 10 shades. The 4 that I don't have are "Cafe", "Mocha", "Sheer Red", and "Mahogany", because I felt that these colors were either too dark or didn't suit my skin tone. The 6 I do have are as follows:

"Chiffon" - sheer baby pink
"Petal" - classic carnation pink
"Blossom" - vibrant pop of magenta
"Violet Shine" - true violet
"Ruby" - shimmery, fire engine red
"Retro Red" - deep, blue-based red

Here are the swatches...please click to enlarge! Colors are shown in same order as above ;)
*no flash/natural sunlight*

Chiffon is my least favorite; it's just too frosty of a look on the lips for my taste. Petal is a nice shade of pink for the daytime, although it does have a bit of a lustre to it. Blossom is so fun and a great choice if you want a pop of color, with a slight hint of shimmer. Violet Shine is my favorite! I feel that shades of violet, especially ones like this, look fabulous with my particular coloring. Ruby is very pretty, almost metallic looking on the lips. Retro Red is truly go-to lipstick if I want to achieve that classic, bold red lip.

What finish does this product have?
Chiffon/frost, Petal/lustre, Blossom/creamy lustre, Violet Shine/creme, Retro Red/shimmery creme, Ruby/creme
How pigmented is this product?
The darker the shade, the more pigmentation. Retro Red has the best color payoff! Chiffon is more like a wash of color.
Does this product contain shimmer or glitter?
Not glitter, but Chiffon, Petal, Blossom, and Retro Red all have some amount of shimmer to them.
How moisturizing is this product?
I really appreciate how moisturizing these are! They have a built-in conditioner, so my lips do not dry out :)
How does this product feel on the lips?
They feel wonderful, and the application is very smooth.
What does this product smell like?
A little waxy...not a huge deal.
Is this product more suitable for daytime or evening?
daytime recs - Chiffon, Petal, Blossom, Violet Shine & night recs - Ruby, Retro Red
Would I purchase this same product again, and/or in other colors?
I would absolutely repurchase these, but not in any other of the available colors.
Would I recommend this product?
I sure would!

The one thing I don't enjoy about these lipsticks is the packaging... Honestly, it is so cheap and flimsy! The caps are very thin plastic - one of mine has already cracked. And they don't stay on very tight, meaning they could come open in your makeup bag, yikes! The worst detail is the fact the lipstick doesn't twist down all the way; it's already twisted up pretty far. I suppose this is so you can see the color through the clear, bubble like cap... I have to be really careful each time I take the cap off/put it back on, as to not nick or scrape the lipstick! However...judging by the website, it seems as though NYC may have changed the packaging of these lipsticks. To what degree, I don't know...but I'll let you all know the next time I check them out in the store again.

Aside from the packaging, I very highly recommend these lipsticks by NYC to anyone who enjoys creamy lip color with quality pigmentation. If you're on a budget, like myself, these are certainly worth their pennies ;) Do you own any of the Ultra Moist Lipwear lipsticks? Which shade appeals to you the most? Thank you for reading!



CreatewithTlc said...

Wow...awesome review. Good to know these things.
I love when they are ultra moist.

Anonymous said...

Have not tried that line of makeup. Will have to give it a go. Liked your review, gonna give retro red a try.

Shelly said...

Thanks for the heads up that these are a good product. I would have assumed from the price that they wouldn't be. I'm always thrilled when I can find something I like that's very affordable.

Lydia said...

I'll have to check out the Petal and Violet Shine!!!

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